Who is Jesus – Danielle’s Story

Jesus is the unseen person who knows me fully… and still loves me completely.

Imagine that – to be fully known. What does that even look like? 

It’s an intimacy that we just can’t grasp this side of Heaven. To be completely known is to have every ounce of your soul, body, spirit, and mind laid out like an open book.

Every page, every marking – even the ones we’ve tried to erase but instead, just left a very slight and faded grey behind. 

The crinkled pages, or the ripped ones we’d rather forget… those are there too, hidden in the midst of thousands and thousands of pages that tell a love story between you and your creator.

To be fully known is to have all of it – every ugly, tarnished, and beautifully broken ounce of my life unhidden and accessible.

But it doesn’t stop there. He knows me fully… and still loves me completely.

You see, there’s a reason those things are hidden. There’s a reason we put on our best face, try to hold it all together, and tell people what they want to hear.

We like to hold those secret places of our hearts to ourselves because we’re afraid. We’re afraid of what others might think, of being noticed or misunderstood, or that someone – everyone – might know the truth of what’s underneath the surface and say, “yeah… I don’t want that drama” or “she’s not worth it.”

Not worth it.

But Jesus says, “she’s worth it.” 

She’s worth it enough to die for.
She’s worth it enough to bleed and suffer for. 
And I’d do it again and again and again because she is made in my image and bears the identity of the almighty God.

She’s worth it and she is mine, daughter of the king.

Jesus is unconditional love.
Jesus is grace. 
Jesus is the One who knows me fully… and still loves me completely.

About the Author


Danielle is a co-founder of The Brave Collective, writer, creative director, and speaker. She is a wife of almost 16 years, mom of 2, and is passionate about championing women to develop and use their voices, which are so desperately needed.

You can keep up with Danielle on instagram and learn more about her here.

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