Who Is Jesus: Christine’s Story

Jesus is my Redeemer and the lover of my soul.

He gently draws me to himself with his loving kindness and he is the one who holds me close to his breast to hear his heartbeat as he whispers my name. He tells me who I am and reminds me I am his.  

He listens and hears me when I call and even before I speak, he knows my thoughts better than I do. He promises his unending love to never ever leave me alone.   

His beauty is always present, and I experience him everywhere and on every face.

He is my trustworthy counselor and has given me the Holy Spirit who helps me to trust and see things from his perspective. 

When I am hurting, he soothes my pain and refreshes my soul. 

He has shown me by example what forgiveness looks like and, through the Holy Spirit, I’m gently led to that same holy place of surrender.

He is my brave defender and helps me to overcome anything that would keep me hiding in the shadows or denying my identity in Him. 

Jesus is my joy-giver and I am his joy.

I love him because he first loves me.

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