Who Is Jesus? Brandy’s Story

Sometimes life has us running. Running errands, chauffeuring kids, racing to earn or win or be. 

Running from the pain and the present and the past.
Our breathless pant stops our pounded feet.
Hands slapping against our knees.
Head hanging with a parched longing.
Fear and frailty descend.
We are weary and worn. 

Even if medals and winning ribbons adorn our neck, the dry can choke our soul. 
Our hand grabbing hold of the side stitch because the running has pierced us deep.

Exhausted, in the middle of nowhere. That’s where Jesus finds us.

There, on that lonely road, the empty wandering, with the side piercing pain, and dry mouth longing.

And with the nod of our heart, He answers. No questions asked.
He steps right in, lets that pierced side pain become His and quenches our soul with His living water. Just because.

Because He loves us that much.
Because He’s there waiting, even when we’re running.
Because once our heart gives the nod, letting Him in, we realize how He’s always been there. Holding us close. Lighting our days.

He was there in that newborn smile, and the hug from a friend.
He was there when we achieved and there when we fell.
He’s in the cheer of conquering and the cries of collapse.
He’s puddle splashing, wild flower picking, and the sweet melody that just won’t quit.
He’s the soft rest after a long day, the refreshing fragrance of a spring rain, the warm comfort of a morning brew.
He’s the blanketing warmth of curled up cozy, the firelit way, the Word that feeds us.

Jesus, sweet friend, is here and there and living in hearts.

He is healing and havens.
Grace and gifts.
He is today, tomorrow, and always Hope. 

about the author…

Brandy is a homeschooling mom to 7 precious, rambunctious kiddos and wife to the absolute coolest. Their days are filled with coffee and laughter and a whole lot of harmonious chaos.

As a writer and community ministry leader, Brandy helps parents focus on their faith-based convictions so they can center their families on Jesus and strengthen their relationships. She hates small talk and would prefer to dig deep with others to seek encouragement in Christ.

You can find Brandy guiding families on her blog here and on Instagram here.

She also runs a Facebook Community with her husband, walking alongside parents in their Call to Faith and Family. She’d absolutely LOVE for you to join her here!

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