Who Is Jesus? Alissa’s Story

When I look back on my life, I can say with confidence that Jesus has been my most faithful friend through all the ups and downs. I was introduced to Jesus at a very young age, so it was normal for me to run to Him when I was sad or scared or lonely. 

As I grew older I started to experience heartbreak, doubts, and learned the world wasn’t perfect. Jesus became even more important to me as I would run to Him when I was confused or hurt. I would seek solace by expressing my feelings in my journal, listening to Christian music, and reading the Bible. I found love and comfort from Jesus through His Word and His Spirit.

I realized by reading the Psalms that I could be honest with God about my feelings and questions, and He would welcome me into His arms every time.

In my adulthood, life has presented some major challenges and heartache. These things have caused me to struggle in my faith… even sometimes felt tempted to run away from God at the darkest times.

But though I was hurt and angry with Him, I honestly didn’t know where else I would go. He had been my constant companion who loved me and taught me through everything. If I ran, who would love me as well and listen to my anguish so faithfully without judgment? No matter what, I have found Him faithful to offer comfort and grace.

Jesus is my Creator, Savior, Redeemer, and Friend.

Because of my pain and trials, I have discovered time and again that He is real and alive and caring. He is trustworthy. I can trust Him with my heart because I have experienced Him. He embodies love, peace, and true life. These necessities, in their purest form, can be found nowhere else. 

I would be a complete emotional and physical mess without Him, destined for darkness and torment. It’s only by His grace that am I blooming into a person of genuine love, peace, and grace. As I continue to seek His ways and accept His love, He reveals deeper treasures of His heart to mine. 

When I need peace, I run to Jesus.

When I need perspective, I run to Jesus.

Only His amazing love and plan for good can offer me what I truly need. Nothing of this temporary world or human effort can fulfill me.

The Faithful One is good. He is true. He is my forever, faithful Love.

about the author…

Alissa is passionate about spreading truth and joy by encouraging others through writing, mentoring, singing, speaking, and creating art.

She has been married to Matt since 2004 and is the grateful mama of 2 sons and a daughter in heaven. 

She loves finding quiet spaces to rest and create, eating strawberry shortcake, and soaking up the sun in Gilbert, AZ. You can connect with more of her heart at her blog (coming soon!) and follow her authentic journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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