My Daughter, the Lipstick Queen

My daughter, like me, is a sucker for lipstick – she’s 4. From the time she could practically sit up, she would watch me apply my makeup as I would get ready for my day. She would play along and always wanted to know what each item was used for. I would explain each shadow, pallet, cream, and wand to her and she would just watch in awe as I applied the “sparkle” to my face. 

She loves when I share my products with her. She’s tried on mommy’s eye shadow, blush, and powders, but her favorite thing is lipstick. It’s to the point where every time I go to reapply while driving, I reach my hand to the backseat, lipstick in hand, so she can have some too. 

I even have special colors that I’ve purchased with her in mind. If I’m being honest, I just love sharing this with her. I love her God-given desire to be beautiful and “look pretty.” I love that she can play in the dirt one moment and be playing princess the next. I love that she desires to be beautiful and adored by others. 

This week, I held her face in my hands and I told her “what’s even more important than how beautiful you are on the outside, is how beautiful you are on the inside.” I told her that a kind and honest heart is what makes you beautiful on the inside, and that Jesus makes us the most beautiful. 

“Daughter, always stay true to yourself,” I told her. She smiled, looked back and asked what that meant. I told her to always be herself. What I didn’t know at that moment, was how to tell her that soon, others would notice her outside appearance and judge her simply for how she looked. 

I couldn’t tell her that her outside beauty would be a blessing and curse and that, if she’s not careful, she will waste so much time trying to please the wrong people who don’t value her heart at all. How do you express to your innocent, baby-faced, pure-hearted daughter that she will someday be judged by men and women by her looks and performance, and if she’s not careful, she will start to base her own value on those things? 

At the age of 4, she is still discovering who she is and she is the only person she knows to be. It’s a life-long lesson she will have to learn over time and my prayer is that she would accept this truth about herself at an early age. That her beauty on the inside is the most important, and that beauty comes from Jesus. 

Sometimes when I’m talking to my children trying to teach them some important life-lesson, I hear God speaking directly to me. As I said those words to my daughter, I immediately heard from Him. “When are you going to know this truth, daughter? I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with you and your value to me is more than you could ever imagine.” 

We’ve heard it before, haven’t we? We are told to love and accept ourselves – embrace who we are. As women of faith, we hopefully come to realize that our value is more than what appears on the outside; it’s more than who we are to those around us – mom, wife, friend. 

Hopefully we are hearing this message often, despite what the world is telling us.  But, do we believe it? Do you know in your soul what, and more importantly, who defines you? 

You are the one and only YOU in the kingdom of the Almighty God. He has created you in His image, woman, and YOU. ARE. GOOD. Period. You are good and perfect as you are and knowing and owning your value in Him is the necessary foundation to experiencing a bright and glorious future pact full of enormous potential.

And guess what… God’s potential is so much bigger and better than the self-perceived, one-sided plans I make for myself.  

So, what do you do with this message? It’s simple. You accept it. You may not believe it at first, but you must make the choice to accept it. Swallow your doubt and consciously choose to believe that your value is found in Jesus and He is enamored with you. It’s not found in your body, your job, your income, your home, your children, your spouse, your friends. It is found in Jesus.

You may not believe it, but you MUST accept it. And do it again tomorrow. And the next day, and the day after that. Keep accepting it until it becomes your truth, because eventually your heart will follow. 

And the next time you are applying lipstick, take a good look at that gorgeous face in the mirror and know that He is captivated by your beauty – inside and out – and that every piece of you is more than enough. 

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