Confidence and Fear

Can Confidence and Fear Coexist?

Over the years, I’ve been asked “how are you so confident?” In this article, I’ll share a personal story of what practicing confidence looks like when facing fear, how to manage fear when it’s rooted in insecurity, and if confidence and fear really can coexist.


Meet Dorina, Featured Brave Story

Dorina is a young, vibrant woman with lots of creative energy and achievements to her humble credit. You would not know it upon meeting her, but she has been through some of life’s hardest and most painful experiences. She is a person who, like Jesus, is acquainted with grief. 

The death of her husband was caused by Melanoma, a skin cancer. The loss of EricLee, also the father of her children, was a tremendous heartbreak that left a gaping hole that only God could fill. Through her pain, grief, and having to find a new path for her and her girls, she has learned so much. She has written about her experience and shared transparently with others. She is an encouraging resource for others dealing with and managing life with grief.